To get rubbed or not to get rubbed.......that is the question!

So, you want to try massage (or maybe you don't and someone is pressuring you to try it out). Yet, you're not comfortable with taking your clothes off, laying on a table, and having a complete stranger rub your body. Many of us are shy, have an aversion to touch, or are just not comfortable allowing a complete stranger (or even a friend in some cases) to see us in such a vulnerable state.....naked on a table. Of course you're covered and only the area being massaged is exposed. However, the very thought of our bodies being nude and the person in control of exposing the parts for massage is a stranger.

You should never ever feel ashamed if you are one of these people. You're modestly and conservatism toward taking your clothes off is perfectly natural for the environment you live in. America is the most untouched nation in the world, it's simply how you have been programmed and that is OK!

There are many options you could try, if laying on a table with your clothes off just does not appeal to you. Thai Massage is generally done with clothes on as there are lots of stretches incorporated into the massage. Chair massage is also fully clothed and allows you to have a therapist just work your upper body. Of course, you could always just TELL your therapist that you prefer to keep your clothes on period. As therapists, we've all worked on each other in school or during dead moments at the spa or clinic in which we would just compress and rub on each other through our clothes. It still feels good and the energy transfer is still the same as if you took your clothes off.

Massage is one of the oldest traditions in healthcare out there. For over 4,000 years (that we know of) generations have been using massage as a means to heal each other; both energetically (more on that in another blog) and physically. Parents would massage their children and teach children the importance of touch. Children would then massage their parents and grandparents. It was just a tradition passed down, it was natural..........touch is natural. It's OK to feel uncomfortable with touch however, touch is a very natural thing for us as humans and pretty much every other animal species on this planet. Sometimes breaking out of your comfort zone is necessary for growth and what a better way to break out of your discomfort for touch than with a massage on your terms! After all, you're the one paying them to serve you.

Until next time..................

Your healing heart therapist

Rebecca Freehill, LMT #MA71976



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